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Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

Our kids had another snow day today. This is their seventh. It's been such a crazy winter!  But even with all that freezing dreariness, at least I can come to CKC land and enjoy the beginnings of Spring by looking at all our new releases. That's the advantage of sewing for our kiddos or boutiques -- we get a head start on all the warm weather fun. So however it feels in your neck of the woods today, I hope you enjoy these Springtime new releases as much as I am! 

New Releases

Alexis' Bubble Dress/Top with Pleats offers a beautifully classic and tailored look. The fitted bodice has a snap or Velcro closure in back. Every dolly is sure to love the fun, full bubble skirt. But the beauty in this one is all about the details! Knife pleats create a completely unique look along the shoulders and inseam pocket. Alexis' is available in Baby, Girls, and Doll sizes. 

Rosabella's Ruffle Neck Dress is a beautiful little dress with a simple design that will be perfect for Easter, dressy occasions or just every day wear! Rosabella’s also makes a wonderful birthday party dress! The unique style has an elastic neckline for easy on and off and fits loose for added comfort! The skirt features two layers plus a layer of trim and is super full! This dress is a beginner pattern and sews up quick, too! It is sure to be a perfect addition to your little one’s wardrobe, and it comes in both babies and girls sizes. 

Ribbon Flowers

I love adding the finishing touches to an outfit, whether it is putting on the last embellishments or creating an accessory for my daughter's hair. And it's even better when I can make those details myself! I'm excited to have Sheri Cata here again from Izzy's Bow-tique, to show us another fabulous flower embellishment. They are made of ribbon, making them perfect for headbands, hair clips, or even the outfit itself! Here's Sheri with her tutorial:

Hey guys, I'm super happy to get to show you how to make these adorable ribbon flowers. So let's get started.  First, we're going to need a few supplies:

Ribbon:  7/8" wide or 1 1/2" wide
Needle and thread
Lighter or heat sealer of some kind
Felt circle

For this tutorial, I'm using 7/8" ribbon but I will include measurements for both.

Okay, so first cut your ribbon:

If using 7/8" wide ribbon, cut six 2 1/2" pieces.
If using 1 1/2" wide ribbon, cut six 4" pieces.

Next, you want to heat seal your ribbon so it doesn’t come undone and start unraveling on you. Trust me, I’ve done it!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

The entries have been coming in for our two big contests and it's so fun to see all your creativity coming through.  You sure have been super busy!  The little Valentine outfits are my favorite. <3  This week we have two new patterns that released, and they are both gorgeous and unique!  Here they are... 

New Releases

If your little girl is dreaming of fairy tales and happy endings, this ball gown is perfect for her! Every detail will make her feel stunning enough for the big screen. Brielle’s Ball Gown features three tiers of layered skirts that are split in front, with gorgeous cascade details in back. The bodice is embellished with optional center pleating for an authentic princess look. The sashes cross in front and drape over the shoulders, creating a sleeve effect just like the original, and continue on in back to create trailing ends from the waist that perfectly compliment the skirt cascade. But don’t worry, all these gorgeous layers are securely attached, allowing your little diva to play and twirl all she wants! Plus, the pattern includes instructions for both pleated or draped sashes, so you can use just about any fabric combination you want! Whatever colors or themes you choose, Brielle’s is the perfect beginning to your little girl’s dream come true!

CKC Designer Sewing Swap

We have a fun team of designers here at CKC Patterns and something we love to share with you is our diverse set of styles and personalities. It may seem like there are a zillion of us working here, but when it comes down to it, we are simply a small group of hard-working mamas who love to design and teach new techniques!  But we don't just design patterns to sell.  We also *use* them on a daily basis for our own families.  We thought it might be fun to show you an inside look at some of our style-swapping shenanigans with our first ever Designer Sewing Swap here on the blog!

We began our designer swap by employing this scientific method of drawing-names-out-of-a-cup.  We're just all fancy like that!  So we divided up in to pairs, and then each pair did a little design swap.  For example, my partner is Brooklyn, so I chose one of her designs to sew up and then she chose one of my designs to sew up.  Easy peasy and so much fun! 

In the time frame we set out, some of us were able to get great photos while others did a cell shot or flat lay. We're all cool with that!  Also, some of us chose to swap designs that have not released yet so you may see some sneak peaks and you may need to wait to see some until a little bit later. No worries. With all that said, here are [most of] the resulting outfits from our 2017 Designer Sewing Swap!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

Have you had a chance to see inside any of our new patterns yet?  They have a fresh new look starting with the cover and all the way through to the end. The format is the same easy-to-follow style and we hope you get a chance to see it soon if you haven't already!  We have some really fun new releases this week, so be sure to check them out!  There are also TWO big contests going on this week, as well as a fabric giveaway on the blog.  Let's get started so you don't miss anything!

New Releases

First up this week is Murphy's Trapper Cap! It fits all sizes from newborn to adult and can be made of a variety of materials. Use faux leather for a fun aviator hat, faux furs for a fluffy warm cap, or cottons and minky for an everyday look to match your outfits. Murphy’s is reversible, sturdy, and truly a beginner pattern. You’re going to love sewing it just as much as you love wearing it!

Wisteria's Wings will whisk your little one's imagination into the world of flight! This one size pattern is great fun for many ages. Your little will love to become a fluttery butterfly or a zippy dragonfly. Both patterns are included and provide easy to follow steps! You will have gorgeous wings that they will love to show off, in no time!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

CKC BOYS Can Wear Pink!

Hey, it's Kristen here from CKC BOYS and we're super excited to be a part of the Boys Can Wear Pink Season 3 Blog Tour by Handmade Boy Blog! As you know, I am a big fan of sewing cool designs for our boys of all ages.  A lot of what makes a certain style "trendy" is the choice of fabric. You can take an average design and make it look fabulous by using the right materials; likewise, you can take an exceptional design and make it look frumpy by using the wrong materials. (I think we've all seen examples of both!)  So of course colors are a big deal to me as I plan out each style set for my boys.

So can boys really wear pink?  Of course they can.  They put one leg in, and then the other.  But that's not the real question here.  I tell my kids all the time, "Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should."  (i.e. jumping off the roof). 

 So of course boys can wear pink. But should they? 

Sneak of today's feature outfit. Scroll down for more views!

My older brother was always my hero, a big athletic guy who nobody messed with. And guess what I remember him wearing all the time in high school... You guessed it.  Pink.  I'm pretty sure he wore more pink than I did!  And he didn't look dorky; he didn't look wimpy; he didn't look feminine; and he certainly didn't look like a girl.  

He looked like himself -- a great guy -- wearing what he wanted to wear. And that's that! 

I'm sure by now in this blog post series, you're likely to agree with me. That discussion is over. So let's get on to the awesome PINK outfits that we made for our boys using CKC BOYS patterns! 

Slate's Henley made by Lauren Steinfels for CKC BOYS
First up, we feature Slate's Woven Henley-Style Tunic in solid pink cotton. I think sometimes we may be afraid to put too much pink into our boys' outfits. Like, "maybe I can add a little here and there and nobody will notice." Um, not here! When we want to wear pink, we WEAR pink. Solids are rockin' on masculine styles! I think they take the class up a notch. This shirt design is one of our favorites too, because of the all-boy sleeve tabs and the neck design. It feels like a collar shirt but doesn't need the collar! 

What's also great is the versatility. You can pair a solid top like this either with neutral bottoms like khaki shorts or jeans for a high end look, or a patterned set of skinnies for a more edgy vibe. Either way, you can't go wrong with solids. More on that in a bit!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Adult Sized Fabric Panels + a Giveaway!

Hello there!  Today we're going to talk about custom knits.  And if you're looking for the awesome fabric giveaway, YES you came to the right place!  We'll get to that in a bit. 

But first --  If you have looked into custom knits at all, you are sure to have seen some cute "panels" out there. They are often a background with a main image in the middle, and the idea is to use them as the main focal point of an outfit you're making. Knit panels generally come in small sizes that are ideal for kids' clothing. But what about when your kids start to outgrow them?  Well, about a year ago I did a blog post showing how to use a panel that is smaller than the size you're making. It's not difficult but it does require some math and colorblocking.  Like this: 

It turns out super cute, but it always makes me wish that the panels would just come larger in the first place. 

Well, today I have something super exciting to show you! 

Adult sized knit panels! YESSSS! I was so excited when I heard that Fabric Obsessions (a custom knit group) is now carrying adult size panels! The adult panels measure about 27" x 33". That's plenty of room to fit a tween or adult size pattern piece on there! In my photo above, you can see a *women's* pattern piece laid on there, with plenty of room to spare! Woo! 

I was super excited to get my hands on some of the first Wizards' Academy Collection fabric.  It's available for pre-order right now and it could not be any cuter!  These prints and panels are unique to Fabric Obsessions and there are several other images available too.  (Snape has always been a favorite of mine...)  And if you're not into wizards, there are several other themes in this round, and many others in rounds to come! 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

This week brought a ginormous change for us, as we re-branded to become CKC Patterns! How do you like our new look?!  Our little pattern company has grown to include such a variety of styles and categories that we decided it was time to include it all in our branding. Along with the new name comes a fresh look on our website, blog, logos, cover photos, and even the template for our new patterns.  Yes, we've been busy!  Now you will have all the details you have always loved about Create Kids Couture, brought to you even better as CKC Patterns! 

And if all that wasn't awesome enough already, guess what... Our first new release below can be downloaded for FREE! 

New Releases

That's right!  To celebrate our new branding, we are giving you this FREE pattern available in baby and girl sizes! Trixie's is a cute little tunic or dress with a fitted bodice and lace embellishments. Its short bodice and full twirly skirt makes it a flattering dress for all ages. Trixie's is a very fast and easy sew, which makes it great for those late night, last minute outfits! Download Trixie's now for free

Monday, January 30, 2017

How to Shorten a Zipper

I love the look and ease of an outfit that uses a zipper for the closure. Sewing a zipper may sound intimidating at first, but they really aren't that bad if you use the method I do!  It's basically just pinning in place and sewing a few straight lines!  So let's say you're ready to start your first zipper project.  The first step is to BUY the zipper, right?  The pattern you're using will tell you what kind of zipper to buy and how long it needs to be.  No problem.  But what happens when your pattern calls for a 10" zipper but all you can find are 8" or 12" zippers?

Can you make one of those sizes work or do you have to keep searching?  

Well, today we have an easy answer and solution to that problem!  The great thing about zippers is that you can always buy a longer zipper than you need and just shorten it!   So the answer to the question above, is that you would want to buy the longer zipper.  A 12" zipper can easily be shortened to 10", but an 8" zipper cannot magically get longer.  Got it?  

There are different kinds of zippers, of course.  Dresses usually use standard closed-end zippers, where the zipper stays together at the end.  On the other hand, jackets or coats usually use a "separating" zipper that comes apart at the end.  Both types can be shortened, but there is an important difference.  Separating zippers must be shortened at the top, while dress zippers are better shortened at the bottom. I will show you both today! 

I will start by demonstrating how to shorten a standard dress zipper using just a sewing machine and scissors.  It's super easy!  Here goes: 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

You can tell by our new patterns and events going on that it's COLD outside for many of us!  This week we have snuggly new designs for you, a helpful tutorial, a free pattern, and even a big sale going on! Are you ready to get the details? 

New Releases

To start off, we have three new baby releases for you this week! 

First up, put on something fun and comfy with Baby Eisley’s One Piece! This simple design is perfect for your baby girl or boy! Choose simple with hemmed sleeves and without ruffles or go all out with ruffled neck, wrists and circle sleeves. Quick and easy, baby Eisley’s is the perfect addition to your pattern collection! This pattern is designed for use with knit fabrics. 

Next we have Baby Marsha’s Flared Leggings. They are super quick, easy to sew up and have the cutest little flare! Marsha’s is also available in girls, tween’s and women’s so you can now get baby in on that matching set! 

Last but not least, what is better than a new pattern for that little cutie in your life? How about a free pattern? Baby Nella’s Knit Hat is a free turban style hat that will match so perfectly with your Eisley and Marsha. We can’t wait to see what you create with these!