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Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

We have some exciting new sewing tutorials on our blog this week. There are times when we catch ourselves having a little TOO much fun with these projects. Is that a thing? So we know you'll have fun trying out some new techniques too.  We also have some new releases that are perfect for the warm days as we move into Fall. Let's take a look!

New Releases

Hiley's Romper is all new this week, and it's available in both Baby and Girl sizes! It features a unique neckline and snap back, with a snap crotch option as well. It is super stylish and features a baggy-style body and legs that you are sure to love! Wear with a little blazer and you’ve got the perfect fall outfit. This pattern is the perfect addition to your little one’s wardrobe. 

How to Use Iron-On Studs, Plus a Free Studded Bow Pattern!

On our handmade creations, sometimes its the details that make all the difference! Many people like lace; others like buttons. I'm a big fan of studs myself -- the kind that you iron onto the fabric as accents. My favorites are the silver shiny ones, but there are a variety of styles available. Iron-on studs are perfect for collars, cuffs, sashes, bodices, hems, and even accessories such as clutches and bows. Today I'm going to show you exactly how to adhere the iron-on studs, along with a free project! 

Super cute, right?!  

We will get started on the free bow in just a moment, but first I have to show you how fabulous these studs look on clothing too!

This amazing jacket was made by Shirley Dee using our pattern for Oakley's Pea Coat.  I just can't get over the details. 

See how much drama can be added with carefully placed studs?!  I love, love, love them.  

Plus, the studs are SO easy to use! You can find iron-on studs in most craft/fabric stores. If you get lucky they will come with instructions, but I have noticed that they often don't. Not a big deal though, because you're about to learn how! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fringe All The Things!!!

Okay, I'm so excited about this blog because if you've seen any of the pictures I've been posting in our Facebook Group this summer you'd see that I'm kind of addicted to the latest fashion trend: FRINGE! I've been asked so many times about the outfits I've made so I'm here to give you the 411 on fringe: where to buy it, how to use it, what to use it on and I'm even going to show you how you can make it yourself! So grab your morning coffee--or your diet coke ;)--and sit back and relax because I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about fringe.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

Well, this is it. The final weekend before school starts around here. I can't believe how fast the summer flew by!  It was a fun one though and we do still have some warm weather left.  And if you're looking for some more fresh styles for late summer and early fall, we definitely have some coming your way! We had some great new releases this week, plus a few announcements you won't want to miss. Here goes! 

New Releases

First of all, we have some new cut files. Have you jumped on the vinyl train yet? We have four fun new designs to cover Mom, Dad, Grandma, the kids, and the whole family! So many options to make each design your very own; from a simple retro poodle to an intricate jelly fish. We even have a file to boost your confidence with a little modest bragging swag.

Also, Lilou's Stripwork Dress just released! Lilou is perfect to showcase all your favorite fabrics or use your scraps from projects past. It features a knee-length skirt, options for a pieced or solid bodice, and wider straps that make it appropriate for school, church, and play. Subtle arm cutouts and a buttoned back provide a fitted bodice, but still enough room to layer for year round use. Plus, it's simply adorable! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Off The Shoulder Dress Tutorial

Here at CKC, we have been loving the cute off the shoulder looks that are so popular right now. We never did get around to releasing a pattern featuring the trend this summer, so we decided to show you two different techniques to turn patterns that you may currently already have into off the shoulder pieces.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Poke-ball Fabric Flower Hair Clip

If you have a little girl who has been chasing Pokemon, there's a good chance she is going to LOVE the free pattern we have for you today!  

This pattern comes to us from our good friend Sheri Cata, who created this design. Isn't it nice of her to share her secrets with us?  My daughter saw this photo over my shoulder and can't wait for me to make one for her!  But if you don't happen to be feeling crafty today, or if you want your clip to have that super cool bottle cap center, you can buy already-made Poke-ball clips from Sheri for a special deal here on Rump Shakers for a limited time. Sheri's shop is Izzy's Beautiful Bows.  She sells other cute stuff too of course! 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

It seems to be last minute vacation season for those who don't already have kids in school! Our little family is on a school-shopping trip and we're staying in a hotel for the night. Thank heavens for laptops, as I sit here writing our Weekly Wound Up, while we also watch some Olympic highlights. The collective snoring is sure to make it an interesting night. Even our pattern testers seem to have their schedules on overload right now.  So there's a good chance that you're running, running, running too!  I'll keep this quick and to the point for you. The good news is, everything should be slowing down soon as we all settle into new schedules. Riiiiight? At least we're having some fun getting that back-to-school sewing in!  Here are some fun new patterns that will help you out.

New Releases

We have a few new embroidery designs that will add the perfect touches of detail to your next project, or they are even a fresh way to revive an old favorite! Cross stitch embroidery designs add a special vintage feel and they are super easy. Be sure to check out our latest ones!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Minerva's Mouse Ears

Hey Everyone, Stephanie Baker here! I'm here to share a free headband tutorial for all those mouse loving fans! I am headed back to Disney World with my kiddos in September (sewing all the Isadora's and Merrick's I can), and my daughter walked into my office one day asking for matching ears for every day of our 7 day trip! Well this mommy decided, sure, but instead of taking out a second mortgage to pay for all those, I began figuring out the best way to re-create our own. So here it is, Minerva's Mouse Ear Tutorial! I hope you all enjoy it and I can't wait to see you all make it your own!!

You can download the PDF below, and it tells you exactly what supplies you will need, plus the step-by-step photos are super easy to follow. And of course we made a zillion pairs to test it out: 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Felt Flower Wall Hanging

Are you feeling crafty?  Well today we have Shannon B. here with us to share a free pattern and it's super crafty. You even get to use hot glue and a staple gun!  

Isn't it gorgeous? That's not a small flower either. The canvas is 20" x 20" and this piece is sure to make an impact either as decor in your own home or as a fabulous gift. Think holidays, teacher gifts, family gifts, everything! And even if you've never used any of the supplies before, Shannon's tutorial makes it super easy for a first timer. (Whew!)  You'll be making these in your sleep before long. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

This week my family had a surprise visit from my husband's grandfather, Emmett.  He lives several states away so that's always a treat. He is almost 93 years old and drove hundreds of miles by himself in an RV to come see us. How awesome is that?!  Not only is he a safe driver, but he also rides his bicycle three miles around his town every day to "keep sharp." I want to be like that when I'm a grown up!

This doesn't relate to CKC a whole lot, except that he was very complimentary of my homemaking skills and it was amazing to hear all his past stories of days gone by. When much of the world doesn't know how to thread a needle anymore, I think it's pretty awesome that *we* can still create stuff from scratch! And we sure love doing it, don't we?

New Releases

This week we released a new baby boy pattern called Xander's Romper
It is perfect for all seasons, with shorts and pants lengths, and two sleeve length options. You can use woven or knit fabric – your choice! Xander’s features a stand-up collar, a snap crotch for easy diaper changes, a unique slightly-asymmetrical front placket that uses snaps or buttons, and a chest pocket to finish off the look. This trendy romper is super comfy, making it ideal for baby’s playtime and naptime, plus more formal occasions. Be sure to flip through the photo gallery to see all the adorable looks you can get with Xander’s! Sizes NB to 18/24 months.