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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

Hey there! We've had lots of requests to bring back our Weekly Wound-Up post and newsletter, so here we are!  It's your chance to make sure you see all the week's new releases, our Designer Deals that change every week, and of course our upcoming sew-alongs and events.  Let's take a look!

New Releases

Ivory's Infinite Bodysuit is here in both Women's and Children's sizes! This pattern is so versatile with literally tons of ways to tie it up, so you can create different looks each time it’s worn. Ivory's has a full coverage bum with elastic leg openings and a top panel for modesty. This is a Beginner level sew and knit fabric is required. Your wardrobe will not be complete without Ivory's!

For those who crochet or want to learn, you are going to LOVE our new Kaiulani's Grass Skirt and Bonus Bikini Top! Just look at it! This amazing “grass skirt” has it all. The Kaiulani gets its name from a real princess! The skirt can be worn as a Halloween costume or just for fun. With the bonus bikini top option, it's perfect for an island costume party.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Broken Doll Photo Shoot

If you haven't yet seen our Broken Doll photo shoot, today you are in for a treat!  Some of our designers and friends in Texas got together recently and created some amazing outfits using CKC patterns (of course), and then added some face paint details that turned their regular awesome girls into incredible "Broken Doll" masterpieces!  

Aren't they amazing?!  I love how they have a classic doll look with an eery twist. And those details!!  Let's take a closer look at the individual "dolls" -- and you can also see which patterns they used to create them! 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ruffled Wavy Fabric Bow

Today we have a unique bow pattern for you from Sheri over at Izzy's Bow-tique! She's always so sweet to share her new bow designs with our readers. This one is super cute and I'll turn you right over to Sheri to get started. Here she is!

Hey everyone, I’m super happy to be back here at CKC for another fun tutorial.

Today I'm going to show you how to make this beautiful fabric hair bow with measurements and all. There are two ways to make this bow and you can choose based on your own preference.

The Ruffled Wavy Bow

Supplies needed:
-glue gun and glue sticks
-needle and thread
-2 fatquarters or jeans (as im going to show you below)
-iron (for one version)
-scrap of felt
-french barrette or headband to finish.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Costume Satchel & Belt

While I love designing patterns for CKC, I also enjoy creating custom outfits for my personal boutique. The two go hand in hand, and this week I had a fun project that led me right into a freebie for the blog!    Today you get to learn how to make... 

A costume satchel and a belt!  This little set was inspired by Flynn Ryder and while you could easily use an existing belt, that iconic satchel is a little harder to come by!  So stick around and I'll teach you how to make both. 

First of all, let's talk about the base pieces. I used Merrick's Prince and Pirate shirt (with a slightly smaller collar), Noah's Knee Patch Pants (minus the patches), and the vest is actually a modified Charles' Prince Jacket with shortened sleeves (shortened a LOT).  This is size 12-18 months and it turned out really fun -- but you have to admit, it needs those final pieces!  So first...


First, you will need some kind of by-the-yard belting. I found this faux leather belting at my local fabric shop.  (You could also use wide ribbon, fabric, etc, but the faux leather belting is pretty awesome!)  Buy enough belting to go around the waist of your model TWO times, plus a little extra.  For the size 12-18 months I bought 1.5 yards. You will also want 2 large D-Rings, as shown above. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to Make Fabric Stripes Turn Diagonal

We have another free sewing tutorial for you today! This is actually a little trick I learned back in my heavy scrapbooking days.  Let's say you want to make something using fabric that has diagonal stripes, but all you can find is fabric with horizontal or vertical stripes. Are you just out of luck? 

Nope, absolutely not! It takes just a couple little tricks and I'm about to show you what they are! 

For today's project I am going to demonstrate using Emmett's tie pattern. The same process works for just about any pattern though, including shirts, pants, dress bodices, etc. If you want the print to be diagonal, (otherwise know as on-the-bias), you can do it! Just keep in mind that it may take up more or less fabric than called for in the pattern. 

Trick #1: If your pattern piece is not cut on the fold, this process is really easy. You will simply lay out the fabric, rotate it until it is diagonal, and then lay down the pattern piece and cut. It's super easy once you think about it! The one part that may be more tricky is determining how much extra fabric you will need to make it work. For this, you can simply print out the pattern piece, tape and cut, then lay it on a flat surface with the paper turned at a diagonal. Then use a ruler to measure from the uppermost part of the piece to the bottom-most part of the piece, as it is laid out on the surface. That measurement is how long you need your fabric to be for the diagonal cut. Once you have the fabric cut, proceed as normal! 

Trick #2: This will be the bulk of the blog post. This trick allows you to cut diagonally even when your pattern piece is on the fold. You already know that you need to have a fold in the fabric to make it work, but how and where?! Let's take a look: 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Kid Project: No-Sew Double Layer Fleece Blanket with Ties

 You have probably seen them all over the place, even at your local fabric store.  And so have your kids!  If you're looking for a fun project to make with your young 'uns that won't give you a headache or traumatize them either, a tied fleece blanket is the perfect project!


It's definitely not a new style, but these blankets ARE super comfy and sturdy.  I love that they're double layer and that you can make them out of inexpensive fleece.  You can find kits at stores, like this amazing Zelda one from Joann's that my son couldn't pass up (he even bought it with his own hard-earned money, people!), but to make a fleece blanket you really don't need a kit.  Any fleece will do.  I especially recommend checking out the fleece sales on Black Friday or the clearance bin -- these blankets make awesome gifts and there are zillions of prints and solids available! Anyway, let's get on to the tutorial! 

Start out by buying two equal cuts of fleece fabric. If your fleece is 60" wide like most is, I would recommend getting 1 1/3 yard of each piece.  This will give you a final blanket of about 55" x 43".   You can make yours bigger or smaller if you'd like; any size will work as long as the two pieces are equal. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Upcycle a Button-Up to a Berkley's!

You have probably seen our adorable new top/dress named Berkley's.  Well, today we have a special treat for you!  Ashley Lintner is one of our fabulous testers and she is going to show you how to take an adult button-up shirt and upcycle it to make a brand new Berkley's! 

Isn't it amazing?!  We thought you'd love it too, so here's Ashley with her tutorial! 

-- My daughter loved her Berkley’s dress so much that I got to thinking, wouldn’t a man’s button up shirt look adorable as a Berkley’s top? Of course! My dad has tons of button ups from when he had to wear them to work so we went digging, the five-year-old didn’t find any she liked so we found some on clearance at a local department store. I bought an XL and XXL to make sure I could do the size 6 top with circle skirt. Since the front of Berkley is pleated, you will need to make sure that the width of the shirt will work according to the cutting chart. My plan was to use the buttons as the back of the shirt instead of using a zipper. I still had plenty left over too! 

Before cutting, I laid my shirt out to see if it would be big enough for the project. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

CKC Goes Back to School in Uniforms

It's back to school time!  Whether your kiddos wear uniforms or not, it's an exciting time to get supplies together and dressed up for a new year! To celebrate, we put together a fun photo shoot just to show you our favorite patterns as back-to-school uniforms. Our talented designers from all over the country teamed up with the fabulous SGarcia Photography, and we think you're going to LOVE what we have to show you today! 

All items shown were sewn by CKC staff members using CKC Patterns, and all fabrics came from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.  The specific patterns are labeled and linked on individual photos so you can get inspired and make some of these outfits for your own kiddos of all ages. Feel free to copy our fabric combos and styles -- we hope you do!  

So much cuteness in one photo!  Now let's enjoy some closer looks of these designs: 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Meet the Designers 2017

Who are we at CKC? We are designers and moms who have an absolute blast providing high quality sewing patterns for you! While we got our start just a few years ago, we have grown and accomplished so much! Would you believe we have over thirty people on staff now? We haven't grown too big for our britches though, as my grandma used to say. At heart, we are still a team of moms who simply love to create new designs for our kiddos and customers. And today you can get to know us all a little better!

We love that we have a variety of personalities and different styles of training on our team. We want our patterns to be super fun and also beginner friendly. Thank you for helping us get to where we are today! 

Please note that this blog post isn't intended to be formal biographies or a list of qualifications.  Rather, we just want to have some fun introducing ourselves to you with some basics about who and what we are! And we would love to get to know all about YOU too, so please come hang out with us in our CKC Patterns group any time you'd like!  Okay, enough talk from me... let's get to know each of the designers. <3 

We're starting with our two founders and co-owners at CKC, Shannon and Tiffany. Enjoy!

Shannon Donoghue

Specialty: Girls
Family: I have been married to my husband Jesse for 10.5 years. We have two kids Charlotte, 7, and Xavier, 8, 1 Australian Shepard, Jill, and 8 chickens!!! 
Location: Grosse Ile, mi
Favorite CKC pattern: Poppy's, Hattie's, and Monica's 
Best movie ever: Harry Potter series 
Favorite flavor of ice cream: anything with coconut 
Or mint chocolate chip Random life goal: to learn how to build things with wood 
Most recent book I read for fun: the girl on the train
Favorite sewing technique: topstitching. It just makes everything look so clean and crisp! 
Something I always have with me while sewing: Netflix or audible
How much sleep I get on average: probably 6 hrs
Nickname I had growing up: 
My super power: throwing parties and cooking amazing meals on the fly
Favorite part of working with CKC: all the fun people I get to interact with every day!

Tiffany Vela

Specialty: All things behind the scenes.
Family: Jody husband of 13 years, Ethan 12, Aidan 11, Natalie 9. 2 yorkies Bella and Lilly. A frenchie Harley, a kitten Gabby, a bearded dragon, 12 chickens, 2 turkeys and 2 twin goats coming home in 2 weeks!
Location: Oakland County, Michigan
Favorite CKC pattern: it's always changing! Favorite one I've written is Mindy or Primrose. To sew is Honey's or Kimber.
Best movie ever: I don't watch TV really, but I guess inception.
Favorite flavor of ice cream: I do not like ice cream, at all! Watermelon slushy is my jam! 
Random life goal: Grow our little homestead. More land would mean more animals! Alpacas, Llamas, horses, pigs, i would have everything if I could and farm everyday! I love nature. And learning another language. Currently I'm learning Hebrew and dream of visiting Jerusalem at least once!
Most recent book I read for fun: I'm always reading! Right now Anne of Avonlea, created with purpose and the art of loving are all 3 being read!
Favorite sewing technique: Using my cover stitch to top stitch. It sews smooth as butter and looks so good.
Something I always have with me while sewing: Audible books or podcasts at all times!
How much sleep I get on average: Ha what's that? Maybe 5 if I'm lucky!
Nickname I had growing up: Sissy, Jewel and sisto mondo daddio dude. 
My super power: I can never stop doing something. I never give up on anything, and I always have to finish every project as soon as I start. I'm hyper focused on any task I set my mind to and keep a really clean house!
Favorite part of working with CKC: I love seeing new seamstresses grow into the skill and find their own style while also finding confidence! I just love seeing growth and determination work for other seamstresses who never give up!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hacking Willa's Wrap Pants into a Romper!

Hey everyone! Willa’s Wrap Pants released today! They are amazing as-is and we thought you would also really enjoy this fun romper hack for the women’s pattern!

First, you need to measure yourself to know how much to add to the rise. Measure from the small of your between your legs and up to mid chest. This measurement is what you need the rise to be at for this hack. Let’s say this measurement is 33” for the example

Now look at the list below for the rise length included in the pattern already. Subtract that number from the rise amount needed to know how much you need to add. Now divide that by 2 since there is a front and a back. Add that amount to the top of the pattern piece.