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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Madam Sew Product Review + Giveaway!

If you're looking for a product review and giveaway for the Madam Sew Ultimate Presser Foot Set, then you have come to the right place! I am super excited to show  you all the awesome features of this product. It really does stand out from the rest.

First things first, this Ultimate Presser Foot Set is made by Madam Sew and it can be purchased directly from the Madam Sew website, or on Amazon. (Both have free shipping on it, so that's a win!) I don't work for the company or get any kind of commission from their sales.  I did thoroughly enjoy doing this product review though, because I love showing YOU  fabulous products that will make your everyday sewing experience more enjoyable and successful.

Are you ready to take a look?!  Here's a video that shows exactly what you get in the set, and I even let you in on a sneak a peek where I tried out some of the feet I hadn't used before.  Here goes!

Thanks for watching! What was your favorite part of the ultimate presser foot set?!

I love that it is so organized; easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to store! Plus it provides a bunch of new skill features that I never would have tried out on my own if I had to buy each foot separately.  I also have the confidence that they will all work on my machine easily.  (Yours too, even if you need the included adapter!) 

Now here's your chance to WIN this free Ultimate Presser Foot Set, provided by Madam Sew!

Good luck!  The giveaway deadline is listed on the Rafflecopter widget above. The winner will be announced the following day on the CKC Patterns page and notified by FB message or email. The prize will be sent directly to the winner from Madam Sew. 

A huge thank you to Madam Sew for this awesome product and for allowing us to host the giveaway on our CKC Patterns blog! 

As promised in the video, we have hundreds of fabulous FREE tutorials and patterns here on the CKC blog. Simply type your request into the blog search box (top left corner) or visit our Sewing Tutorials board on Pinterest!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Monday, March 12, 2018

DIY Comfy Pet Hammock

Today we have a free pattern that is going to make both you and your pet super happy!  

Introducing our Comfy Pet Hammock!  

This style of hammock is best used inside a cage that has bars along the top for hanging, and of course you want to use it only for animals that are able to climb inside on their own. Safety first!  And YES, the adorable monkey in the photo is real!  (You'd be amazed how many people have asked that.)  Tosha's squirrel monkey Julian is super fun, and probably super spoiled too. (As he should be.)  So today Tosha will show you how to make a comfy hammock for whatever little critters you may have at your house. 

Let's get started! 

First, decide how big you want the hammock to be for your cage. It needs to have room to hang freely and loosely, so take that into account as you measure. For today's tutorial, Tosha cut her fabric 20" x 24".  

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekly Wound Up

It's right around this time every spring when I am delighted to start waking up to daylight when my alarm rings in the morning. But then along comes Daylight Savings to throw me right back into darkness for our morning routines.  Sight. At least this year I am mentally prepared for it. Good luck to all of you too! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead. (Less sleep, d'oh!) 

Anyway, we have had a great week at CKC so let's take a look at what's new: 

New Releases

Chanel's Classic Fitted T-shirt, Tunic, Dress, and Maxi is a pattern that every woman should have in her repertoire! This pattern includes instructions and pattern pieces for t-shirt, tunic, dress, and maxi lengths, as well as, sleeveless, short sleeve, half sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and long sleeve options. This pattern also includes 4 different depths of a scoop neck: crew neck, baby scoop neck, regular scoop neck and deep scoop neck AND 3 different depths of a v-neck: baby v-neck, regular v-neck, and deep v-neck. You can use this pattern for so many looks from business wear to beach wear to a night out on the town. It's the comfort of a t-shirt but can be dressier depending on the knit fabrics you choose!

Desirae's Romper is brand new this week too, in Baby, Girl, and Doll sizes. We know your little one is going to love it! Desirae’s can be worn alone or with a layering shirt underneath. It features a comfy bodice with straps that either button or snap in front, and ruffled pockets on both the chest and the sides of the legs. It comes in both shorts and pants lengths, with a pleated front that gives the perfect fit. The shorts/pants are finished off with cuffs at the bottom that give that adorable bubble romper look. Desirae’s romper is perfect for any occasion, all year long!

Chanel's and Desirae's are both 30% off now through Sunday night! Don't forget you can combine the patterns for an even deeper tiered pricing discount!


This next week our sew-along is perfect for the upcoming holiday.  Please join us for our Floppy's Stuffed Bunny Sew-along!  You can grab the PDF pattern on sale anytime and then come on over to our CKC Sew-Alongs group.  On Monday we will all start working on Floppy's together, so you can ask questions, watch helpful videos, and try your hand at prizes!  Even if you've never made a stuffed animal before, you will love creating your own little Floppy bunny.  

That's all for this Weekly Wound-Up.  We hope you have a fantastic Sunday!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Weekly Wound Up

It's been a busy week at CKC with four new patterns, a blog tour, a sew-along, and more!  We don't want you to miss out on any of it, so here's a quick rundown for you: 

New Releases

Your guy is going to love wearing this stylish and comfy shirt! Aaron’s Hooded Woven Shirt features a fully lined hood with two optional sizes of dino spikes, a front placket that allows easy on-and-off, buttons or snaps at the placket, and both short or long sleeve lengths. Aaron’s is a fun sew for you, and your kiddo will want one for every day of the week!  Sizes 2 to 14.

Haisley’s Blazer and Vest is a staple for your pattern collection! Written for woven, this pattern has two options. Chose from either a boho style or a cropped, ruffle version. The boho blazer has wide, boho sleeves and a straight front. The ruffle version is cropped and has ruffles galore! Add a button embellishment for extra detail! Haisley’s is the perfect spring blazer to wear with all your dresses! 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink - Season 4 - CKC Goes Dressy

Welcome to Day 5 of our Boys Can Wear Pink blog tour!  Today we are taking our Pink to a new place: Dressy!  We have two of our all-star testers helping us out with today's theme and I know you're going to love them! 

Am I right?!   Both of these looks are not only pink, but also super trendy and dressy.  We love the versatility of all these patterns -- it just takes a measure of thinking outside the box to create something over the top! 

Let's take a closer look at each:

This awesome pink blazer was made by Kimberly Methvin over at Kim's Kreations. I love all the sweet styles in her shop! Kim used our Logan's pattern to create the look you see above.  

Plus her son/model is too handsome for words!  

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink - Season 4 - CKC Goes Hipster

Welcome to Day 4 of the Boys Can Wear Pink Blog Tour!  Here at CKC we are going Hipster with pink today!  We have two fabulous hipster looks on one adorable model (he's been busy!), and we hope they both inspire you!

Today's outfits and photos are from Jamie Barkman at Wild Phoenix Threads. She pulls out all the best elements from patterns and turns them ultra trendy, even on her tiny little guy. 

In this first styling, little Phoenix is wearing Ryker's Skinny Pants, the tie from Oliver's, and a super cool flat bill cap. His dress shirt was storebought but could easily be made from our Eric's Dress shirt pattern as well.  I love how Jamie used a pink gingham for the tie and pants -- he totally pulls it off!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink - Season 4 - CKC Goes Comfy

Welcome to Day 3 of Boys Can Wear Pink on the CKC Blog!  Today we're taking "pink" to one of our favorite genres: Comfy!   That's right, our boys deserve to be comfy too, right?  Today's pieces are all about having fun and looking great while doing it. 

This little tyke's outfit was made by Kristin Bedell-Hustedt over at Kidcycle Co. She makes super cute and trendy kids' gear, and I just love what she did with today's theme!

Kristin started with some boyish pink camo knit and made these awesome joggers using our Isaac's pattern.  They look so comfy that I think I could use a pair myself! 

Then she took it one step further and made a coordinating graphic tee.  Could it be any more perfect for our blog tour this week?!  "Colors Don't Have Genders."  Right, she is! 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink - Season 4 - CKC Goes Western

It's Day 2 of Boys Can Wear Pink (Season 4) here on the CKC Blog, and today we're going Western! 

Doesn't this guy look AMAZING?!  Our tester Brianne Israelsen made this solid pink button-up for her guy using our Eric's Dress Shirt pattern. I love all the details, from the collar to the cuffs, to the hat and the tie, to the belt buckle and the boots! 

Brianne and her little guy come from Navajo roots and are very proud of their heritage. His grandmother grew up on the reservation and the family still spends a lot of time there; they say in these photos he looks like a little Navajo sheep herder!  Traditionally, the Navajo people have herded sheep and goats. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink - Season 4 - Blog Tour

Welcome to the CKC BOYS leg of the "Boys Can Wear Pink ~ Season 4" blog tour! We are excited to be presenting again this year, with all our fellow PDF designers.  If you're here for the first time, we are super happy you came!

It's no secret that boys can wear pink. The question is, can boys ROCK pink?  I'm a pretty picky person/designer and still I say YES!  Here are some fun shots from our tour last year:

(You can see more shots from last year here if you'd like!)

I have four boys and one girl at my house so I'm no stranger to all things girly, but there is an overwhelming amount of BOY culture at our house. I was a tomboy so I love it.  I've also noticed as I do the laundry each time, that our red/pink pile is getting larger and larger over time. It's not just my daughter either; my older boys are starting to rock the reds and pinks ALL the time!  

Somehow the macho high schoolers have no problem wearing pink. (My oldest is a 6-foot freshman.) I hope all the young boys and their mamas will take note!  There's a lot of cool stuff they can wear in any color they want - especially pink. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Weekly Wound Up

It's been a great week at CKC patterns!  We have a sitewide sale on through Sunday night, PLUS a fabulous new pattern you're going to love. This one is for YOU! 

Issa's Twisted Top and Dress is a sassy piece that every woman should have in their repertoire! You can use this pattern for so many looks, from business wear to beach wear to a night out on the town. It's the comfort of a t-shirt but dressier! It includes short, three-quarter, or long sleeves, PLUS it has optional pockets!

So super cute and comfy!  Be sure to get Issa's on sale through Sunday night using the code below! 

Coming up this week we have our Cherri's Cupcake Skirt sew-along so please come join in the fun!  If you haven't made a skirt with this technique before, you're in for a treat!  The Cherri's pattern explains the method really well, plus we have video tutorials and the designer will be right here to answer any questions you may have.  To join in, simply grab the pattern using the coupon code below and then come join the CKC sew-alongs group if you're not already a member.  There are daily prizes and of course lots of fun support! 

Here's that coupon code we promised you!  It's good for any or all patterns on our site, plus the automatic tiered pricing is still in effect!  Get 30% off through Sunday night using code CKCWINTER30

We hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Happy shopping! 

~ CKC Patterns ~